Cora De-Stigmatizes Incontinence For Younger Women With Disruptive Product Line For Light Bladder Leaks

Consistent with its brand standards, Cora’s pads and liners for light bladder leaks are made with organic cotton and are free of the most egregious chemicals and toxins found in conventional incontinence products. Cora marries health-conscious materials, performance-focused engineering, and human-centered design to address the needs and desires of the modern woman.

For decades, the feminine care industry has marketed incontinence and light bladder leakage to seniors when, in fact, it heavily impacts women in their thirties and forties. The focus on age as a determining factor in bladder performance has, consequently, created a feeling of embarrassment around an issue that’s incredibly common for a younger population. Cora is working to break this pattern by speaking directly to younger women and shedding light on the topic.

“Cora has relentlessly questioned traditional women’s personal care and seized opportunities to innovate, particularly in categories where both products and notions of womanhood are antiquated and out of touch,” said Molly Hayward, co-founder at Cora. “Bladder leakage among women in their 30s and 40s is an issue no brand has addressed, so Cora took a bold new perspective through a woman-led design process to create a product that is finally anatomically correct and technically modern.”

Finding a lack of relevant consumer insight on the topic, Cora’s conducted a survey of 1,000 women between the ages of 30 and 50, discussing their experience with light bladder leaks. 

The survey revealed:

  • No one’s talking about it: 89% of women are more likely to share relationship issues, body image fears and taboo lifestyle habits like drinking or drug use than talk about bladder leakage
  • It’s a daunting postnatal issue: 45% of mothers said that having bladder leakage was worse for them after having a baby than healing from childbirth
  • Current products target seniors: 73% of women feel that today’s bladder leakage products are designed just for seniors
  • Misconception that the only option is period pads: Two thirds of women think traditional period pads are the best bet for protecting against light bladder leaks, and almost one third of women are too embarrassed to seek out more appropriate incontinence products

Inspired by in-depth research with its customers, Cora’s new liner for light bladder leaks rethinks the design of traditional pads with a first-of-its-kind fan shape and ultra-absorbent pod at the front of the liner to give women more coverage where leaks actually happen.

Cora’s Liner for Light Bladder Leaks features:

  • Patent-pending material and channel technology so it can absorb 20x its weight
  • Innovative fan shape with ultra-absorbent pod to catch leaks at their source
  • 100% organic topsheet and hypoallergenic materials
  • Natural odor control without unhealthy synthetic fragrances

Cora’s omni-channel business model allows women to shop both at traditional retail as well as direct subscription in the comfort of their homes. Cora’s Pads and Liners for Light Bladder Leaks can be purchased at, Target and Amazon. To learn more about Cora’s Light Bladder Pads and Liners, visit or follow Cora on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. For eye-opening, stigma-shattering content on all things female and body, visit Blood+Milk, Cora’s community and content platform. 

About Cora
Cora is a modern women’s wellness brand that embraces the power of female bodies and supports them with innovative natural and organic products for periods, bladder leaks, and body care. To date, Cora is the only modern women’s personal care brand to bring proprietary products to market, and has eliminated 40 of the most egregious chemicals found in conventional feminine care products—ensuring women don’t have to compromise when caring for their bodies. With every Cora product sold, the brand provides menstrual products and health education to a girl in a developing country so she can step boldly into the promise of her future. Cora is simultaneously disrupting age-old conversations and barriers around women’s bodies with its content platform, Blood and Milk. Cora’s products are available via subscription at, at Target or on Amazon. For more information, visit

Wakefield Research survey conducted February – March 2019 among 1,000 nationally representative U.S. women, ages 30-50. Survey sponsored by Cora.

1 Mintel, “Feminine Hygiene and Sanitary Protection Products US.” March 2016.


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