NYLON Media Announces Launch Of Its Fully-Redesigned Digital Publication

NYLON Media Announces Launch Of Its Fully-Redesigned Digital Publication

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — NYLON Media, a leading international provider of fashion, beauty, music, and pop culture content for millennials and Generation Z, today unveiled a head-to-toe makeover of NYLON.com, in partnership with Zero Studios, a creative studio specializing in building brands and digital experiences, and RebelMouse, a premium CMS and creative agency. The redesign brings the bold personality and playfulness of NYLON’s print heritage to digital, welcoming readers with iconic monthly covers.

NYLON’s newly redesigned site features enhanced navigation, higher-quality imagery, feature-driven editorial, and episodic video content that puts more of what readers love right at their fingertips. Designed to serve as a high-tech and high-touch platform, the dynamic new site will provide a digitally enhanced, user-friendly experience that functions seamlessly on any size device.  

“As with all of our digital products and content, we reimagined our nylon.com by listening to our audience and doubling down on the most engaging elements,” said Evan Luzzatto, President of NYLON. “Focusing on innovative ways to package and merchandise our content, our team delivered a digital experience that deeply represents our brand.”

NYLON aims to prominently feature its highest performing and most engaging content – its cover stories. In 2018, design experiments on NYLON’s previous site led to a 650% percent increase in engagement, with an average time of over 13 minutes spent on digital cover stories. NYLON applied the same design principles to the features and news stories within the reimagined site, while pushing the envelope on the cover stories to deepen engagement even further.

“Most digital media sites today rely on clean, minimalist design elements that focus on function over form. If you scroll below the fold, you can easily forget where you are – a big missed opportunity to create brand loyalty,” said Luzzatto. “We wanted to create a holistic and immersive experience that feels unquestionably NYLON from the top of the homepage to the bottom of the infinite scroll.”

In partnership with Zero Studios, which led the creative and digital experience, the site pays homage to NYLON’s bold and unapologetic ethos through vibrant color and imagery. Merging digital progression with NYLON’s nostalgia, the teams took a unique design approach that melds maximalism with usability to deliver a truly immersive experience. The redesign also simplifies the digital magazine’s categories to: Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, and Life, sub-branding each vertical with a unique identity while ensuring consistency with the overall site experience.

“With our editorial focus on emerging culture, premium storytelling, and hyper-relevant news, this new site will help take our content to the next level,” said Gabrielle Korn, Editor-in-Chief of NYLON. “In my nearly five years with NYLON, this redesign is one of the things I am most proud of. Our whole team worked tirelessly to bring it to life, and I think our readers will find that it reflects not just our heritage but our future. The media landscape is shifting, and our readers are hungrier than ever for quality content—and we’re positioned to provide them with it in a sophisticated way.”

RebelMouse’s proprietary CMS incorporates advanced technology enabling NYLON’s editorial teams to retrieve data on how posts are performing natively within the platform. The technology developed by RebelMouse also allows NYLON to view the social relationships at the foundation of the important ecosystems and subcultures they are passionate about covering.

Advertisers will find a redesigned, uncluttered space for advertisers to impactfully showcase their brand’s banners while maximizing viewability. With a new polling function, brands can achieve true action and real-time engagement with readers for immediate feedback. Other innovative aspects of the redesigned site include prominent video modules that allow readers to discover original and branded video content in a theatrical form.

NYLON has established a growing digital community of readers who seeks magazine-quality stories in real time. The refreshed, fully-immersive, redesigned website celebrates NYLON’s audacious voice, iconic covers, news, features and original video series, bringing readers an elevated digital experience.

To learn more about NYLON and its redesign, please visit nylon.com/.

About NYLON Media
NYLON Media is a leading international provider of fashion, beauty, music, and pop culture content for Millennials and Generation Z. Launched in 1999, NYLON has expanded its unique dedicated cult following into a true global multimedia audience reaching millions of users digitally and over 100 million socially via its influencer platform, Socialyte. www.nylon.com.

About Zero Studios
Zero is a creative studio founded in NYC that is driven by the power of simplicity. Their contemporary full-service offering specializes in building brands, websites, and marketing campaigns.

About RebelMouse
RebelMouse is a creative agency fueled by an enterprise-grade publishing platform built upon deep technology. Its expertise is rooted in media and content marketing, driven by a team that understands distributive publishing better than anyone else. There is no other CMS on the market today that provides content creators with the pivotal tools they need to unlock sustainable growth backed by sticky monetization methods. RebelMouse blends product and strategy together to move the needle where it matters most — organic traffic and user growth, conversion to loyalty, and revenue success.



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