SchoolDuels Positioned To Shake Up High School Sports – VIP Early Access Available Now

BALTIMORE, March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Baltimore based tech company SchoolDuels has partnered with GRYYT, LLC to launch a gamified software platform. The product is based on high school sports and increases school and community engagement in addition to raising much-needed funds for improvement projects.

“Our schools are facing issues with underfunding. High school sports are very popular, but engagement with the community beyond game day is often weak. Schools need more money than their average fundraising capabilities can provide. We’re here to address that issue in an exciting and interactive way,” said John Steuart, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of SchoolDuels.

The SchoolDuels mission is to provide students with the best resources for success. SchoolDuels does this through interactive online contests that connects players, coaches, students, educators, parents, and funders, and provides them with a fun way to give back to their schools.

High school is a time for developing the skills necessary to navigate through life’s obstacles, and it’s important to enable every student with the proper resources to have an equal opportunity. Learn more about how SchoolDuels empowers our schools and communities through fun and innovative technology at

About SchoolDuels
SchoolDuels is an information technology company with a software platform based on U.S. high school sports games that increase school awareness and community engagement. SchoolDuels helps high schools fund meaningful improvement projects through interactive online contests and connecting communities. Give back to your schools in a creative way at

About GRYYT 
GRYYT is an agency for nonprofits and for-purpose organizations. We are a TRIBE – comprised of our team, our partners, and our community. We are committed to solving the world’s biggest challenges. We embody GRIT in all that we do. We believe in exceptional experiences, in the way we work together, the way we engage, the way we partner, and the people they serve. Visit us at

For more information contact Media Specialist Nicole McDonald 951-266-9320 or [email protected]

SOURCE SchoolDuels

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